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What is the maximum and minimum temperature Solar Batteries can support?

Solar Batteries are devices that store energy that can power other devices such as cars, gadgets and other electrical devices. Solar Batteries convert chemical energy into electricity, which makes it an efficient source of power.
However, certain factors affect the performance and lifespan of batteries. Temperature greatly affects battery life and performance. It is said that at room temperature, solar batteries perform at their best.
The best temperature at which to operate batteries is 68ºF or 20ºC.
And if a battery is at the verge of dying, warming it can improve chemical reaction, therefore lengthening the life of the battery. On the other hand, during a cold weather, batteries deliver less than its normal capacity.

Batteries and Extreme Temperature
During extreme temperatures, solar batteries may malfunction and stop working.
It is said that the capacity of batteries increase when the temperature rises, and decrease when the temperature goes down.
Although at higher temperatures, the capacity of batteries are higher, they have a shorter battery life. According to, an increase of temperature to 77ºF or 25º C can reduce lead-acid battery life by 50% or more.
Heat is detrimental to all batteries but cannot be avoided in certain situations. Continued battery use in high temperature will not only shorten battery life but may damage the battery and the damage caused by heat to batteries is irreparable. 
In extremely low temperatures, the performance of solar batteries suffer as well. Lower temperatures affect the battery’s chemical reaction, causing it to function at a much slower pace.
This reduces the capacity of the battery to charge and discharge. Consequently, charging batteries at lower temperatures are less efficient. A decrease of temperature to 15°F or 8.3º C can reduce lead-acid battery life by 50% or more. And in extreme cold weather, batteries stop functioning at -4ºF or -20ºC.

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