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For street lights, people are often care about brightness, but with garden lights, people are more interested in design and color, because garden lights are not only for lighting purposes, but also for decorating. Therefore, garden lights are often designed in a variety of light colors, but the most popular are still yellow and white, so which color should you choose for your garden?

It completely depends on the design and style of the house’s owner, here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

♦ Choose white light: If you want your space to be designed in a modern, sophisticated and luxurious style. White light garden lights will be very suitable for pretty spacious garden, suitable for use on the sides of the aisle, around the pool (if any) or under the trees to create a unique look, showing the aestheticism of the homeowner.
♦ Choosing yellow light: On the contrary, if you want your space to be somewhat antique, vintage mixed with a little fanciful, yellow light is the choice for you. The yellow color will give you a soft, cozy light source, suitable for small and medium gardens, you can use lights on the sides of the aisle, stairs aisle, under the small bushes or flower bushes to create cute and gentle dots.

Another tip is that on murky days, yellow light will provide more illumination effect as well as glitter effect than white light. That is why Viet Sky Solar has garden lights that integrated both yellow and white light colors for you to change freely.

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