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Some customers wonder why Viet Sky Solar’s solar lights have a very low power, only about 15W, 30W while many solar lights in the market have a power of up to 100W, 200W, since then, customers worry whether with such a low power, the lamp will be bright enough. If you also have the same question, don’t skip this article!

You have heard a lot about light power, but have you ever heard of 2 concepts REAL POWER and FAKE POWER? Actually, there is a small but important information that Viet Sky wants to share with you, that is the power does not completely determine the brightness of the light, the W unit is just the power consumption of the LED chip. The brightness of the light depends on the lumen unit, the higher the lumen, the brighter the light.

The specifications, concretely the power that we give you are 100% real power. Unlike traditional lights that use AC 220V power, solar lights use battery have a voltage of only about 3.2V to 3.7V, so compact solar lights you use in front of your house cannot have the power as large as ordinary electric lights, solar lamps with real power up to 100W must have the size of solar panels and inside batteries extremely large.

Therefore, if you see a solar light advertised with a large power, you should consider for a bit whether it is true power, or just virtual power for you to easily imagine. And remember that wattage does not determine the brightness of the light.

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