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5 false myths to dispel about solar energy

Though solar energy is now wide-spread and everybody can easily have information about it, there are still a number of false ideas regarding how solar energy works and its advantages. Here we report 5 myths to dispel about solar power.
1. It Is Too Expensive = False
During this decade, solar panel cost has incredibly decreased. Now solar energy is more affordable and governments all around the world are establishing more and more incentives. This way, it’s possible to reduce the upfront cost of your installation by 50% or more.
2. Not Enough Sunlight to Go Solar = False
You have probably thought about solar energy, but you concluded your home has not enough sunlight to take advantage of. But it’s wrong! According to National Geographic, enough sunlight hits Earth every hour to power the world’s electricity needs for an entire year. So, no matter where you live. Solar panels will be installed in the best position to receive the amount of sunlight you need.
3. Solar Power Doesn’t Work at Night = Irrelevant
While it’s true that solar panels can’t work in nighttime, you should consider that they can store energy during daytime with solar batteries. So you have all the energy you need after sunset.
4. Solar Power Doesn’t Work in Cloudy Days = False
This is one of the most common myth. Cloudy days don’t prevent sunlight to reach solar panels, since light gets though. It’s not necessary to have good weather everyday and you can enjoy your pollution-free energy even if it rains.
5. A DIY Solar Installation Is Cheaper Than Hiring a Professional = Only in appearance
You can install solar panels on your own and surely it could be cheaper than hiring a professional. But do you really think that saving up on quality is the best choice? Only licensed installers can provide you a qualified service, which means you will not be worried about it. Well-installed solar panels can last even 40 years or longer, as they don’t need schedule maintenance.

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